Cathy-Borlenghi-and-Antonella-AquilinoWhat do women love? Pearls and jewels are at the top of the list. What happens when a successful and elegant Italian woman, who can easily be described as a naturalized Texan with a unique drawl, meets a young and creative Italian jewelry designer? The answer is: all sorts of beautiful things!

The dynamic duo met in Houston, and connected immediately. Cathy was attracted to a pair of earrings designed by Antonella, and recognized that she had finally found someone who could create the jewelry collection that she had been contemplating.

The resulting collection is a product of the collaboration of two women who appreciate beautiful quality and design. Cathy’s creativity and knowledge of the Texas market is recognizable throughout the collection, and is what makes these pieces so attractive to a discerning clientele. With a very specific vision in mind, Cathy worked with Antonella to create the signature MRS. B Collection.

Antonella Aquilino, the designer behind the collection, has gold running through her veins as the fourth generation in her family to continue a long tradition. Antonella apprenticed with many of Italy’s top jewelry ateliers after earning her degrees in Gemology and Art.

The basis for the MRS. B Collection is scaramazza, a baroque, highly imperfect freshwater pearl. These pearls each have a unique shape, color and size inspiring the final earring, ring or necklace that they will become. Because of the unique shape of each pearl, the gold work is done by hand using a technique called “lost-wax casting.”

The MRS. B Collection consists of a selection of earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces that are easily adaptable for a variety of purposes. A necklace and bracelet can be combined to wear in the daytime for a more casual look or worn individually in the evening for a cocktail party. These pieces are ideal for travel and flexibility with many looks.

Pictured here: Cathy Borlenghi (left) and Antonella Aquilino (right)